Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog Hopping Through Chapter 5

Chapter 5 was definitely packed with awesome thoughts, scriptures, reflections, and experiences that will hopefully encourage me to continue trying a little harder everyday toward a stressed-less life.  Though this week hasn't felt stressed-less.  I've worked more days than I am used to as a part-time nurse.  I've had to do this for the past few weeks and it is wearing me out!  Luckily, I am headed to the beach with my awesome family in less than a week, and whoa.  I am ready.  I am ready to kick back, relax, and throw my to-do lists to the wind or the surf or whatever will take it away. 
The previous post I did a few days ago titled, "Verse Mapping" sums up my response to the first of this week's blog-hop topics.  Now onto the next topics...

Plugged In:  
I didn't plug into much of anything other than this computer, my tv, and occasionally, my cell phone prior to God opening the door for me with these awesome Bible studies.  These studies are my primary source of daily devotion and time spent with God.  Prior to obs I read Proverbs 31 daily devotions.  I actually still have the daily devotion emailed to me everyday.  I usually get them when I am at work, and when I have time, I stop and read them.  It's very uplifting in an otherwise chaotic day in the life of a nurse.  I also like to check out the blogs of some of my favorite Christian authors such as Max Lucado, Ann Voskamp, and any of the Proverbs 31 ladies.  I love all the different stories, devotions, and themes of the blogs.  I usually read my devotions whether they be from a blog or an obs when I first wake in the morning and before I go to sleep at night.  I'm always the first one up and last one down in my house simply because I can't spend the kind of time with God that He deserves, and that I desperately need even more than my daily cups of coffee, when the ones I love are up and at 'em. 
My husband got me a tablet for Christmas and I've downloaded some pretty great apps from well-written authors and also Bible study reference tools.  My new favorite reference app is the "Olive Tree".  It was a free app and it is awesome.  If you look at my previous post, you'll see all the different advantages it offers from cross-referencing, definitions, scripture searches and comparisons.  I love it!  It is really user friendly, for which I am greatful because a computer wiz I am not. 
I am still a fan of the old school style as well.  I don't keep a computer journal.  I'm a bigger fan of the write-it-out type.  I also have several Bibles in different translations, some devotional Bibles which are really great. 

Taking It Back
There are many wise words that really touched my heart.  The story of Hannah was appreciated and one I'd never actually read before.  What a fantastic story of a great faith test passed!  I found myself in a situation awhile ago with my job that reminded me of what awesome patience Hannah must have had.  I wanted so much to cut back my hours to a part-time nurse so that I could be home with my daughter more. When I went before the administration and received a response of rejection, I was frustrated and heartbroken.  Immediately on the way home, I started thinking of other job opportunities that would allow me to do what I wanted to do.  But as I was on the interstate, approaching my exit, I heard a voice whispering," Be still."  Any clue who that might have been?  No doubt in my mind!  I won't lie...I tried to fight His Will, and it didn't work.  Every door I opened for myself got slammed right back in my face.  This was a true blessing because I am not very good with subtle hints.  I've always begged God to guide me, and if He sees I'm going through the wrong door, please slam it shut in my face!  And He did.  It only took a few slams for me to finally say," Ok.  Ok.  I get it.  I won't fight it anymore.  I'll wait."  My husband and I used that time to prepare financially for me to go part-time until about eight months later when I actually did get to go part time!  Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes from the book:

"God is never late; He is seldom early; but He is always right on time."

Ain't that the truth...and thank God everyday that it is. 
I'm not very good wollowing in self-pity.  I cope much better when I'm productive.  However, I still have the hardest time being faithful and active.  God has proven time after time that He will always take care of me and mine.  Not just that, but He will take care of us with only His best if we will just be still and let Him get to work.  Nevertheless, "Doubting Thomas" here, I many times spend my time wondering when God's best is going to find me...hoping that it is soon...wishing it would be here already.  Not the greatest example of a strong faith.  Instead, I need to remember that God has always provided His best in my life, and He won't stop.  When it is to come is not really for me to worry about.  Neither is thinking I have the right to even attempt to advise God when His timing should be.  After all, He is the pillar of perfection.  If he was filled with flaws like the rest of us, there wouldn't be a reason to praise His name.  I call Him "Holy" for a reason...He is forever Holy and nothing less.  He has us in the palm of His perfectly loving and graceful hand, and with faith even as small as a mustard seed, there we shall stay.  Amen to that.

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  1. Jenny, I enjoyed reading your blog. I am going to check out the "Olive Tree" app. What a blessing to you and your daughter that you were able to go to part-time so you could spend more time with her. I love that quote too! Lori K (OBS Group Leader)