Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Blessing Received in the Undeniable Presence of God

I am going to start this week's Blog Hop by telling you how I received the biggest blessing of my life today and how God's presence throughout the situation was undeniable and soul-shaking.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a mother first before anything else.  I have a beautiful three year old baby girl, Caroline, who I would do anything for.  I work as a part-time nurse, and Caroline attends a fantastic babysitter on the days I work.  She has made some great friends, her best one being her sitter without a doubt, and for good reason.  She is amazing.  She loves each child like she would her own, and wants only the best for them. She is someone I completely trust with my child and can say I literally have no worries when Caroline is in her care.  Any mother will appreciate the kind of peace that comes with knowing that even though as her mother I can't be with her every hour of every day, she is always with someone that loves and cares for her, and continues to be one of my daughter's most positive influences.  
             Many times, especially in the warm weather the kids are all playing outside and when I pull up to the sitter's driveway only to be greeted by an angered, fit-throwing toddler who doesn't want to go home yet!  Mind you this is the same child who not 9 hours before was crying and reaching for me, begging me not to go.  Yes the same child.  Today, I decided to stick around for a bit and chat with the sitter so that Caroline could play a little longer.  When I told her it was time to go, she got angry again.  Now it is widely known that when I have Caroline outside, especially around roads, I generally watch her like a hawk.  I keep a safe distant so I don't smother her, but still watch her because she is still at that age where she will get into many dangerous situations without understanding the consequences.  Today wasn't any different.                  She was huffing and puffing.  I was watching but not responding,  and before I could catch her, she darted down the sidewalk toward the drive way which happens to be parallel to one of the most dangerous roads I've ever driven on.  I ran as fast as I could, screaming the entire way for her to stop, a warning she usually heeds.  This time she didn't.  
                 The only thing I could think about was to put myself between her and the road, but she was so fast.  But I'd seen cars race up and down this road much faster.  When I got to her, she was inches away from the road...I am not exaggerating.  I did a combination grab and toss of my child to get her away from the road and danger.  As it sometimes happens when your children do things to make your heart stop, I let my fear take over and I screamed at her and scolded her.  Then, noticing the sitter had taken the other kids in, I put Caroline in her car seat and advised that she was to go to her room immediately when we got home and wait until Mommy or Daddy came in for her punishment.  I called my husband quickly and told him what had happened.  
                  As soon as I got off the phone, the negative scary what-if thoughts started flooding into my mind.  What if I hadn't gotten to her in time?  What if there had been over sized speeding trucks racing down the road? And lastly, what if I would have lost her?  I pulled into the drive and got out of the car.  My husband met me on the driveway and immediately embraced me as tears streamed down my face and I verbalized all of my worst fears that had almost become realities.  He held me for a few minutes, and then retrieved Caroline from her carseat.  

 Protective Blessings
After Caroline had been punished, by her father because I was still sick at my stomach, I reminded her that God always keeps us safe.  This is something we've always taught her, and today she lived it.  We lived it.  God kept our family safe, and He granted us many blessings today.  The blessing of an empty road that at any given moment paves the way for many speeding drivers.  The blessing of the ability to run, not great but fast enough.  The blessing in the tears of a safe and healthy child.  The blessing of a husband who understands.  The blessing of a lesson learned in why we should not take each other, least of all our loved ones, for granted.  The blessing in the fear of what could've happened but didn't.  The greatest blessing of all...a God who knows exactly what we need where we need it and when we need it.  A God who, in our scariest time, did not leave us or forsake us.  The blessing of a Heavenly Father who sacrificed His child, but saved mine. 

Transforming Power Surge
I woke up this morning never anticipating how God was going to change my life today.  I always ask God to help me be a blessing to someone in my morning prayer time with Him.  But I underestimated the blessing He had in store for me.  I spent a small part of my morning frustrated because of a seemingly endless work responsibility and the fact that my husband and I both had forgotten to pack Caroline's bag containing clothes and other daily needs for the sitter in the car.  Regarding those events, I remained frustrated for a short time, then said a prayer asking God to release the stress and frustration from my mind and heart, and just take care of it all.  I thought that was going to be the how God made His presence known to me today.  But He had bigger plans.  
            God in His greatness and mercy, transformed me today, and my relationship with The Lord Almighty grew in leaps and bounds.  Instead of conforming to a world that has become content with doing it all alone, I'm transforming and doing it all with God.  My dream that I will continue to reach for is to keep my heart and my mind with God.  I definitely felt the power surge of His presence today as He wrapped our family in his protective embrace.  He reminded me what is truly important in my life as He returned my thoughts of the insignificant and worldy to their rightful place...out of my mind, and certainly out of my heart.  

Heavenly Father,
I don't even know where to begin to say thank you for the tremendous blessing you've bestowed upon me and my family today.  I am so grateful that you have complete control over my life and the lives of the people I love mostOnce again, you saved us, Lord.  Thank you for blessing Caroline, our beautiful gift from you.  Thank you for keeping her safe and surrounding her with your never ending presence.   I know that I can't ever fully understand how great you really are because there is no end to your greatness.  My hope is in you, Lord.  My life, my heart is in your hands where I know you will keep it safe.  You saved me again today, Lord.  You saved me from my greatest fear today, and for this and your never-ending presence in my life, I praise your name.  


  1. Thank you for sharing your heart, Jenny. Thanking God with you that your daughter is okay! I love how when we fix our gaze on Jesus our perspectives changes :) Blessings to you today sister! ~Shelly (OBS Leader)

  2. Praise the Lord that your daughter is safe! Such a scary thing. Praying He continues to draw you close to Him and to reveal Himself to you. ~Ginny (OBS Leader)