Monday, March 18, 2013

Living the Relinquished Life

My online Bible study has completed online, but my responses and blog hops are not!  I am a little behind in actually posting these...something I am going to be better at with my next online Bible study that will be starting April 7th!   So super excited! 
What I am including in this post are the assignment questions from last Wednesday, regarding "Living the Relinquished Life".  I've actually been journaling these things while I've been out of town, but wanted to share them!

1. What does it mean to live a relinquished life?
Before I give me response, here are a few quotes from the book that really spoke to me and really thankfully squashed my toes.

"No longer should our cravings be control and command.  We should, instead, pine for position-the position God wants us squarely in."

"We must alter our speech, erase the harsh words hurled in haste, the cutting comments spoken seemingly in jest (but really meant to wound).  Our words should be loving, direct if they must be, truthful, and without malice.  Remember, our words only spill out what's already inside."

"When we relinquish control, let go and let God, we find our faith and the cadence of life that notices the small things and the beauty in all."

Wow.  I'm sure I've said that before in reflection of readings from this book, but there is no other word.  Wow.  As a mother, wife, nurse, and really just as a woman, I do crave control.  I crave control all over the place, and for what reason?  Does it bring my true joy to feel like I have to be in control all the time?  Absolutely not.  Even though I think it will make things better and go safer and smoother if I control things, does it all really turn out perfectly?  Never.  There is one reason that I crave control and one reason only, and it breaks my heart to even say (type) it.  I don't completely trust God.  I read the verses over and over again, I hear the sermons, I read the devotions.  I have no excuse.  I know exactly what it is that I need to be doing as a child of God.  I need to let goand give Him His job back because let's face it.  I could be the most organized and have-it-all-together person in the world, but I still will never be even remotely close to topping God.  The goodness I can offer is nothing compared to the greatness He has waiting for me if I will just back off.  Shut up.  Let go.  So what is a relinquished life?  Something that I don't have yet but desperately need and will continue striving for everyday.  It is a life that I wish for everyone I love, and even those I've never even met.  It is a life of complete faith and complete peace that can only be given when my life is only in God's grasp, not my own.

2. How can our reflection verse help me live the relinquished life?

"I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I
[confidently] trust."-Psalm 91:2

I need to continue reminding myself daily of the words of this verse and pray in thanks for its meaning.  God is my protector, my shelter.  He knows my every need.  He is with me wherever I go.  He will never leave nor forsake me.  He keeps me safe.  Always.  He only has His best waiting for me.  All I have to do is let go and stop trying to play God in my own life--give God His job back as the leader of my life. 

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